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Whee! A Musical!
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Monday, September 5th, 2005
9:15 pm
It was a link to Dorian Gray the musical- a musical about aging rockstars trying to stay in the loop
9:19 am

ok i know its not the same thing but it caught my eye
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
3:22 am
What the Shizzit?
Uh, ok, so like I dissapear for like 5 days and like I'm waaaaay confused. Freakin Arabica, making me work till 10:30pm. So uh yeah, here goes nothing I guess.

Gackt(pointing at the zombies):But the zombies!! You have to destroy them! Mana always thought he was the pretties but I will be!! I WILL BE!!
Kaoru(scrunching face): Your really weird you know that?
Die(tugging at the front of Kaoru's outfit): Kaoru!! I still have to go to the potty!!

:::::Meanwhile at the Dir en Grey headquarters:::::
Toshiya(dancing around the table):Kyo!! Look at meeeeeee!!
Shinya(glaring up from his cereal): Sit down before you cause holes in the floor.
Kyo(popping up his head at the idiotic comment): Holes in the floor? What the mother fuck ass is that suppost to mean?
Shinya(eating): It means, kyo, and I will say this slowly so that you understand every word that I say and becasue it adds to my creepness, that if Toshiya keeps prancing around the same spots over and over he will cause the floor wearout and eventually make a hole.
Kyo: Your dumb shit you know that? Dumb shit. He'd have to keep going in the exact same circle for days and days, and even then he would have to be dragging his feet. He's not draggin his feet. He's prancing. He's prancing like a fucking ballerina. Ballerinas don't drag their feet dumbass.
Shinya:Whatever Kyo. I forget you know everything and are always right.
Kyo:Damn straight.
Toshiya(frowning): Aww don't fight over me guys, theres enough for both of you.
Shinya(looking up from his cereal): Stop frowning your face will get stuck like that.
Kyo(throwing his arms in the air): AHHHH!! Toshiya, put on some pants, we're leaving.
Toshiya:I like my tu-tu.
Kyo(putting on a shirt): Put on some fucking pants or stay here with the creep.
Shinya: Do not call me a creep, you are the creep, creep.
Kyo: And your bad at insults, assfuck.
Toshiya(running up to kyo): All my pants are dirty so I stole a pair of die's. You think he'll mind?
Kyo(heading out the door): Who knows, who cares.
Toshiya(following): Well Die might since they are his...
Kyo(stopping)(toshiya almost runs into him): Oh by the way shin-ass, your ugly animal you call a dog is in the wasihing machine. It should be ready for the dryer soon.
Shinya(jumping up and spilling cereal all over and running out of the room): MY POOR BABY!!
Kyo(closes door and continues walking):(chuckles evily and lights a cigaret)
Toshiya: Aww, kyo, that was mean. Shin-chan loves his puppy.
Kyo: I did the poor thing a favor. In plus it's ugly, smells, and needs to get laid.
Toshiya: Shin-chan takes showers.
Kyo:I was talking about that thing he calls a dog.
Toshiya: Ooooooooh. So what we gonna do now?
Kyo: find Kaoru and Die and ask them to come back. And your not gonna say anything stupid you understand shit for brains?
Toshiya: Eye-eye cap'in!
Kyo: Sing me a song Toshiya-san.
Toshiya:But your the singer silly kyo-chan.
Kyo: Just sing me a song fucktard.
Toshiya: Kay.
Final Fantasy is an RPG
The only one that I need
It's the RPG for me
Final Fantasy is all that I play
All other games are lame
It puts them all to shame

I only play games that are popular
I only buy the games the magazines tell me to buy
That way I know I get good games for sure
I may have a shallow mind
But you can kiss my behind
Kyo:Hahahaha, the sluts already kiss your ass.

Final Fantasy; it consumes my life
And that is probably why
I'll never have a wife
Kyo:Or because you like it in the ass.
Final Fantasy has awesome music
And that is probably why it
Always gets remixed

I always buy the soundtrack to each game
Oh it is the only thing that I will listen to
Oh sure one day it may drive me insane
Kyo: It already drives me insane.
You may think that I'm a fool
Well I'm here to say "Screw you!"
Kyo: Bend over and I just might.

Final Fantasy on PlayStation 2
With music by Nobuo
And graphics by Wong Chu
It is Final Fantasy number ten
Must save the world again
Right here from my own den

Hopefully I'll get through the game just fine
I don't know why I continue to play each game
Kyo:Neither do I, or why you always sing the stupidist shittyist songs ever
They'll be making these 'til the end of time
Oh I guess that I will pay
For these new games 'til Doomsday

Wow, so like there it is. Here is the link to the song so randomly sung by Toshiya: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/58184 It's the same guy who does the 'One ring to rule them all' series, so watch them Cameron! LOVES YOU ANNIE!! Howdy Cameron!! Been fixed yo...

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
5:10 pm
Thats exactly what I ment Anne, and im a little creeped out by that.

Die and Kaoru- THE MAGNUM COMPLELS US, THE MAGNUM COMPELS US( Die goes on but Kaoru stops)
Kaoru- hold on a second? what the hell? Im in a short skirt chanting about some idiots wang?
Gackt- doesnt it remind you of those good old days in highschool?
Kaoru-.......... Not expectailly
Die- You know the Magnum compels me, but im still not sure what it compels me to do?
Gackt- Destroy the Zombie army!!!!
Kaoru- didnt you say that they were your army?
Die- No I think he said they were someone elses army?
Gackt- They are ZOMBIES!!!!!
Die- Why must you put labels on things? Zombies this, and Magnum that, and Tony blair.
Kaoru- ...... This is what I get for trying to leave isnt it?
Die- yup
Gackt- Um the Zombies are coming either we fight or Run
Kaoru- I am not doing either in these shoes, so you can fight, ok?
Gackt- My plan is going perfectly (laughs evily)
Kaoru- What the hell are you talking about, Im leaving (the three leave the Zombie infested McDonalds)
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
6:24 pm
Jiggy G in the Heazy!
Jiggy G

THIS dominatrix outfit, Cammy-chan?


Alright. This entry, I WILL get them into cheerleading outfits. And Rent-a-Zilla can only improve a story.

Gackt: (seductively) So, pets, did you like my little soldiers?
Kaoru: That's a sad excuse for an army. Will you please leave me alone?
Gackt: Oh, but you haven't seen what they can do. For the magnum. It's. . . a very LARGE motivation, you see.
Kaoru: I'm sorry, Gackt, but I just can't believe that- that zombies happen because of your. . . your. . . penis.
Gackt: Really? Then why does grass happen?
Kaoru: What?
Die: HAha, look at that guy's hair!
Kaoru: What? Oh come on. You cannot possibly think that those. .. zombies. . . will obey you.
Gackt: Not me. The magnum.
Die: (tugging on Kaoru's sleeve) . . . hey. . . those people from McDonald's are charging at us. . . maybe we should run or something. Like now. I think they want our brains. Or our wangs.
Kaoru: No. I'm not running. This is just. . . just. . . STUPID.
Die: Buuut. . . Kaoru-chan. . . I'm scared. And I have to piss.
Kaoru: No. I'm going to stay and. . . and. . . not fight. . . I mean. . . LAUGH. Ha. Ha. Ha. This army is laughable pathetic.
Gackt: (throwing a small metal object at Kaoru) Here. If you want to fight, use this power pendant. (strikes a pose)
Kaoru: . . .
Gackt: Just make an orgasmic scream, and you'll transform. Trust Gackt. (strikes another pose)
Kaoru: . . .
Die: Ok, fine. I'll transform and fight the zombies, because, I have to whiz, and stuff. (grabs power pendant) Hey, why is this in the shape of- oooh, shiny!

In a brilliant flash of light, Die undergoes a magnificant nudity-implied transformation sequence, at the end of which, he is a cheerleader. Shazam!

Kaoru: . . . (is speechless)
Gackt: Ohohoho! With you on my side, I'll easily defeat Mana-chan! Mana-chan's soldiers cannot possibly even come close to the powers of the Nazi Cheerleader! (strikes a very sexual pose)
Kaoru: (looks at Die) (looks at 2nd power pendant that Gackt threw at him) (looks at Die) Oh, what the fuck. Um. Transform? And stuff?

Kaoru undergoes a super magical pink and purple transformation. It is very gay and sparkly.

Kaoru: This skirt is really short.
Die: Ooooh, Kaoru-chan, WE'RE SUPERHEROS!!! (hugs Kaoru)
Kaoru: (shoves Die off) Go away, you've breached my angst bubble.
Die: Aww! I love you Kaoru-chan! I'm gonna give you a big kiss!
Kaoru: Don't you dare-
Gackt: I hate to interupt this darling romance, but I need you to go eliminate Mana right now. (crotch thrust) THE MAGNUM COMPELS YOU!
Kaoru and Die: (strangely hypnotized) Yes master.
Gackt: Ohohoh. It never fails. (strikes another pose)

Ummm. . . yeah . . . I have no idea where this is going either. And I need to stop watching Mew Mew Power. It's corrupting my brain with it's crazy shojo anime shit. And sorry I'm a retard, Mishelly. . . I forgot about that small fact that he was out of the car already. . . I'm dumb, no? And I put up new pics on my livejournal, so check those out.

Gackt, sexy
There's your icon, Cammy. USE IT OR ELSE.

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5:53 pm
Kaoru- Die trust me they are zombies, they have no sence of rythem
Die- Maybe there Caucasian?
Kaoru- They are drooling?
Die- Duggies?
Kaoru- that ones arm just fell off!
Die- Leper?
Kaoru-....lets just leave
Die- Okey Dokey(they start to leave)
Gackt- I'll save you (in a dominatrix out fit and posing)
Kaoru- thats ok were just gonna walk out
Gackt- dont try and stop me, its for your own good (still standing in a pose)
Kaoru- I wasnt going to stop you, your an idiot
Gackt- Dont hide your love one day you'll find the right woman but im not her
Kaoru- When was the last time you thought?
Gackt- Once upon a time........
Kaoru- Is that it
Gackt- Im sorry were you talking
Kaoro- were you?
Die- This isnt about me and it bores me
5:54 am
Uh, hey annie, you uh made Kaoru all like "I'm getting out of this car" and I kinda already had him outside the car, so like, its weird... hahaha. And Cameron says hes gonna write the next part, I said go ahead cause I have no clue what the hell I was suppost to do with the zombies anyways. I mean all they do is eat peoples brains and mumble incoherently. I pretty much do that, minus the eating peoples brains, cause thats icky! Well LOVES YOU!!

I have the weird urge to throw rent-a-zilla into this story somewhere...

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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
7:40 pm
Shizzle Shaffle, yo.
This musical is almost getting depressing now. . . I mean, Kayla killed the fuckin' dutch boy! (yeah, I know it's not the real story, but still! That's like, for mature audiences!) Anyways. . .

Kaoru: Gackt, you can't control me! I'm leaving this car!
Gackt: As you wish. But do not say that Gackt did not give you fair warning.
Kaoru: Warning of WHAT? My life will be sad if I don't give in to your half-assed kidnapping attempts?
Gackt: No, but I am warning you of the flesh-eating robo-zombies mecha soldiers of DOOM inside that- (points to the McDonalds) restaurant.
Kaoru: ?

Dooo dooo dooo Commercial Break!

(Back at Diru's house)
Toshiya: Kyo, wake up or else Shinya-chan is gonna be the prettiest princess!
Shinya: I already am the prettiest princess.
Toshiya: Kyo, stop eating that tiara! Plastic is umm. . . um... generally NOT GOOD!
Kyo: (mumbling in sleep) gragh. . . seventeen orange FUCK!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .

Kaoru: Zombies? Oh my god, Die! (leaps out of the car really, really overly dramatically) (falls) (gets up) I'm coming, Die! (runs into Mickey D's)
Gackt: Ahahah. I am simply too clever for this world. Little do the ducklings know that those are no ordinary flesh-eating robo-zombie mecha soldiers of DOOM. They are slaves to my *indicates crotch* MAGNUM.
Random passer-by: Umm. . . sir. . . who are you talking to?
Gackt: Only the greatest person in the entire world. (poses) Me. (pulls out mirror) (starts singing to the mirror) I love myself, I want you to love me, When I feel down, I want you above me, I lose myself, I want you to find me, I forget myself I want you to remind me, I don't want anybody else, when I think about me I touch myself, though not really because masturbation is wrong and I get a partner*
Random Passer-by: (twitches)


Die: (leaning over to whisper to a flesh-eating robo-zombie mecha soldier of DOOM (or FERZMSOD) Is it just me or does this place seem a little dead?
FERZMSOD: graaaaaaaaaaaaagh. . . magnum. . .
Die: Yeah, me too, dude.
Kaoru: (running in dramatically) Die, get out of there! They're zombies, all of them!
Die: Silly Kao-kao-chan! Zombies are in movies! (that last part said like he's in a Trix commercial)

Okay, Mishelly, your turn.

* Gackt DOES NOT MASTURBATE. He makes a point of saying this in his autobiography.

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Friday, August 26th, 2005
12:08 pm
Kayla Version 345.6987
Ok, so I sent Kayla our musical, and this is what she thought should happen next. I told her we wouldn't use it cause it just doesn't really work, but I thought it was funny so I'm posting it.

KAYLA:(i can`t spell or type so..i`ll use intials.
K:[thinks]what the fuck,with confused look on face.what the hell die?![sees him in handcuffs on the groubnd].the MD owner franticaly explains that die had ordered 2 chocolate milkshakes and tried to run out without paying.and that he was quickly tackled and tasered.
D:i`m sorry,i just wanted to make you happy with a tastey milkshake.but theni didn`t have any money or a credit card :(
K:[contemplates what to do] RUN!!!![leaps onto security guard.and him and Die run off to the car with gackt.]
D:i knew you`d save me buddy :)
K:fuck off i didn`t have money either and didn`t wanna bail you out.
G:what is going on ladies?!?
K: quiet.[while dischiplining gackt kaoru who si driving runs over a pedestrian.yet keeps driving.}
G:aahhhh kaoru you killed a little dutch boy!!!
K:thats ok, the liscense number belongs to this guy![points to gackt.]
D: oh right then.
[sirens are going off and they realize they are being followed by police.]
D:AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH what are we gonna do.We need a distraction!
k:thinking quickly opens the door and throws out the 2 stolen milkchakes (yes they ran away with them).they hit the first cops windshield making it impossible to drive.he pulls over to the car wash.
K:SHIT.we have 5 more behind us.i know what to do now.
D:what?! we can`t turn ourselves in!
K: well duh.[opens door and throws out gackt.]
[ this causes a 16 car pile up with the 5 cops on the bottom.[they couldn`t hit someone.thats what they are chasing them for?!]
K: MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! victory is ours!!
and scene
ok i`m done :)

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11:45 am
OK, since I don't have the amazing artistic skillz that you do I decided I would just post some pics of Kaoru and Die together, cause I can. So YAY!!
I still think Die and TOshiya look cuter together though, maily cause they're just so dumb and smiling like idiots all the time.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This one is first caus ethis one is the best. I mean what exactly IS Kaoru shoving in Die's face that smellz so bad anyways...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
So what is it that Die is drinking?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
doo doo doo
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It's like the exact same pic cept Kaoru changed his hair color...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I love Die's hair...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
THIS IS MY FAVORITE!! Besides the food one, they just look so gosh darn cute!

And thats all for now folks...

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Thursday, August 25th, 2005
11:06 pm
Heart break and heart burn...
Well, you see Annie my dear, I spell it Karou, because I am used to saying his name like car-uuuuuu. However I realize that is correctly pronounced Kay-or-uuuuu, now. Thus I shall try and spell it right. Only for you though, cause if it was anyone else I wouldn't give a donkeys rear.

Die(wrapping his arms around Kaoru's neck, and smiling): Kaoru!! I've come to saaaaaaavvvvvveeee you!! Are you ok, are you hurt? (starts to unbotton shirt to look for scars-or just to look at his chest, I mean who really knows.)
Kaoru(pushing Die’s hands away): I’m fine, and how the hell did you find me, I ran like a whole 2 miles.
Die: It was my love for you of course!
Kaoru(rolls eyes): How wonderful.
Gackt(looking over at the two of them): Well well well. What do we have here? Another good looking gentelman! Have you ever considered cheerleading?
Die(biting his lip): Well, I did once when I was a little girl, I mean boy. But then I started playing guitar, and now I’m all manly, so I don’t really know, why?
Gackt(stopping the car at the local Micky-Dee’s): You have the perfect body, I mean attitude for it of course! You could go a long waaaay! And with my help, become a star!
Die(big eyes): REALLY?! Hear that kaoru-chan? He says he can make me a star!
Kaoru(throws head back): Die your already a star, your a guitarist for the freakin number one rock band in Japan.
Die(frowning): No, I’m second guitarist, for the number one band in Japan. Your the star Kaoru. (Gets out of Kaoru’s lap and starts walking towards the entrance.)
Kaoru stares at dies back with a sad expression.
Gackt(looking at Kaoru): Seems to me you might be a little spot light hog.
Kaoru (whipping his head around): What the hell do you know about me, huh? This comes from the almighty Gackt! Mr. I’m to good to keep singing for Malic Mizer, let me go become a pop star!
Gackt (Getting out of the car): Well I was better then the rest of them, they we’re holding me down, what can I say, I did what was best for my career.
Kaoru (gets out of car and follows): Whatever, mother fucker.
Gackt: Now, now, Kaoru. Ladies don’t use such fowl language.
Kaoru: Yeah, that's the good thing about being a MAN!
Gackt(turning around): So you mean to tell me you’ve never thought of being a woman? The beautiful clothing, the styles, the posture?
Kaoru(scrunching his face): What I think is none of your concern, and how did you figure out my name?
Gackt(walking through the front door): Well that handsome red haired boy, Die, kept calling you Kaoru, I just figured that was you name dove. Gackt isn’t as dumb as many people think he is.
Kaoru(walking through the front door also, muttering): Yeah, but Gackt is a freakin syco path.

Uh, no song break out, cause I didn’t know were it would fit, ya know? And this isn’t a cliffy, so there!

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
7:44 pm
Cheer up, Emo kid!
Niiiiice place to leave me, Mishelly. And spell Kaoru right. It's kinda bugging me. (buuuut not that much. I am SO used to your spelling) Anyways. . . *ahem*

Kaoru: It's. . . I don't know if I can trust you with this. . .
Kaoru: I don't know. . . are you sure?
Kaoru: Ok then. . . Die. . . I need you to. . . (points in random direction) OHMYGOD! What's that, Die?
Die: Huh? (looks away)
Kaoru: (runs)
Die: Hey. . . where'd he go? (emo tear)
Kaoru: (far away by now) That was close. . .
Mysterious fellow: You there. . . you look like you have what it takes.
Kaoru: What? Who are you?
Mysterious fellow: . . . to get into my car! (snatches Kaoru and shoves him into a snazzy sports car)
Kaoru: What? Who are you? What are you doing? Let me go!
Mysterious fellow: I am called Gackt by some.
Kaoru: What? Gackt? The pop star?
Gackt: (removes sunglasses) None other.
Kaoru: (notices that he's in a convertable) Why are you kidnapping me?
Gackt: Oh, I'm not kidnapping you. I'm merely granting all your wishes. You wanted to get away from your band, did you not? I am simply helping you to get the appreciation you desire.
Kaoru: Umm. . . ok. But. . . um. . . how is this helping? And how do you know everything about me?
Gackt: Oh, I don't know everything about you. I don't particularly know your name, dove. I do know, though, you will get the love and adoration you deserve, and you will get it in the one sure way.
Kaoru: What's that?
Gackt: Cheerleading, pet. Cheerleading.

Meanwhile. ..

Die: (emo tears) Kaoru ran away from me. What did I do? Was it something I said? *song time* Why am I such a misfit, I am not just a nitwit, you leave me cuz I quit! Seems I don't fit in. . .* (hears screams) Ooooh! That sounds like Kaoru-chan! (runs in direction of screams) I'M COMING, KAORU-CHAN!

Luckily for Die, Gackt was only driving at about oh, 5 miles per hour. . . for reasons unknown to us mortals. .. (we can't understand Gackt)

Die: DIE TO THE RESCUE! (leaps into convertable onto Kaoru's lap)

*song from the old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Hey, it seemed appropriate.

YOUR TURN MISHELLY! See how you like cliff hangers! But, this one was long at least. . .

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7:25 am
3:38 am
Die(breathing frantically, and running after Karou): Karou-chan!! Wait up!! I want to come with you!!
Karou(stopping and rolling his eyes and dramatically sighing and pulling out a cigarette all at once): Not now Die, I'm not in the mood.
Die(catching up): Whats wrong Karou? Do I not make you happy? (Cocks(funny word) his head to the side)
Karou(does a long blink): It's not that Die, just need a little time to myself, kay?
Die(totally ignoring what Karou is saying looks at the sky): Hey, look at the sky Karou! Looks like its gonna rain! And you know what that means right?(Die breaks out into song and starts swinging around the nearest light post)
(everyone knows this song, so no link):
I'm singing in the rain! I'm singing in the rain! What a beautiful feeling, I'm happy aga-
(Karou slaps Die across the head)
Die: Ow! Waddya do that for?
Karou (takes a drag): Cause I don't want to hear you singing right now.
Die: Can I hum it?
Karou(flicking it at Die): NO!
Die: Can I play it on my guitar (pulls random guitar outta know where)
Karou(Sighing and throwing his hands in the air): Die, please! I just want to be left alone!
Die(frowning): but when people are alone, they get lonely, and, and SAD!
Karou(starting to walk again): That's great, I think I like the sounds of it.
Die(trailing behind): But Karou! A giant mutant troll could EAT YOU!! You need me to protect you (Smiles and flexes).
Karou(ignoring him): Kyo's uncle won't be in town till next month.
Die(stroking his imaginary beard): Oh, I thought it was this month. Oh well.
Karou(thinking hard about someway to make Die disappear, the light bulb dings): Hey die!
Die(standing straight up and smiling): Yes Karou sir?
Karou (smiling evilly): I think I have something I want you to do for me, it is VERY important.
Die (jumping up and down): What is it, what is it?! Tell me tell me!!
Karou (grabbing Die's shoulders to keep him still): Are you sure you can handle it?
Die (getting ancy): OF COURSE I CAN KAROU!! JUST TELL ME!!

Hahahaha, your turn Annie.

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3:02 pm
Cool Tapes Really Are Cool, Study Says
*a-hem.* And finally, Shinya makes an appearance.

Shinya creeps up behind Kaoru.

Shinya: I desire waffles as well.
Kaoru: *shriek* Oh. . . Shinya. . . um. . . right. Waffles.
Kyo: *momentarily waking up* I want pancakes. *goes back to sleep*
Toshiya; OMG! (OMG is spelled out, because he's just that dumb) Kyo-chan is SO KAWAIIII!
Kyo: *wakes up again because of THE WORD* Hey, Shit-for-brains, do us all a favor and DIE.
Toshiya: (cries) Aww, Kyo-chan don't saaaaaaaay that. . .
Kyo: (now awake and looking at Kaoru) HEY YOU! (starts singing) STRAWBERRY PANCAKE, DON'T MAKE ME WAIT FOR IT! STRAWBERRY PANCAKE I'M COMING FOR YOU! STRAWBERRY PANCAKE! STRAWBERRY PANCAKE! (stops singing) Gimme my godshit pancake assfuckmotherhead.
Kaoru: . . .
Shinya: (veeeery mechanically) Go faster on the waffles.
Kaoru: FINE! I'm sick of this! I quit! I'm getting a new damn job! I can't take this anymore!

Kaoru storms out of the house.

Die: . . . *sniffle* I'ma gonna get a new job too and be with Kaoru!

Die also runs out.

Kyo: (is back asleep) mmmm. . . pancakes. . .

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
9:02 pm
Die: Toshiya!! Arn't you going to make ME any waffles?
Toshiya(mouth full): Uh, well, I thought about it, and then the thought just kinda dissapeard...
Karou: Well suprise.
Die: But I want waffles!! I like waffles to!! And pankcakes!! And French toast!! Doo doo doo, I wanna get a mouth full!!
Kyo (stumbling into the room): What the fuck you guys screaming about? Ooooo, waffles. (he walks over to table where he lays his head down and falls back to sleep-this is the only thing I ever see kyo do, so, yeah-)
Die (kneeling by Toshiya): Awww, can't you pretty please make me some waffles?
Toshiya(thinks a minute): I forgot how. (smiles like the dumb idiot he is)
Die (starts crying)
Karou (rolls eyes): Here Die, I'll make you some fuckin waffles.
Die (leaps up with joy runs over and jumps on top of Karou and gives him a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggg hug!): Thank you sooo much Karou!! I love you!!
Karou (blushing, and dusting off his cloths): yeah, just don't do that again. (begins to make waffles...)
Die(begins singing): Ready boys? 1-2-3-4 Cool tapes are cool cause they're where it's at. Cool tapes are cool and we like it like that. Cool tapes. Cool tapes. We like to get it down with the cool cool tapes, we like to get it down with the um... um...
Kyo (bringing his head up): a bag of four grapes! (goes back to sleep)
Die(throwing his arms out): A bag of four grapes!!!!!!!!!

to hear this song go to http://www.homestarrunner.com/coolthings.html and watch this video.

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11:48 am
Next Part?
Actually. . . for some reason I can't see Kaoru singing. . . he doesn't sing in concerts. . . he thinks his voice is bad or something. . . yeah. . . I'm sick of his emo shit too.

(This song is NOT blatantly ripped from the horrible, horrible musical called Oklahoma.)

Die leaps out of his happy bed, onto his happy floor, and takes his bad (or obnoxiously cheerful) self down to the kitchen, where Kaoru is making coffee for his beloved bandmates. (because he thinks that he is their Mommy. Seriously. He does.) Die bursts into song.


Kaoru: . . . that's nice.

Next, Toshiya comes down to the kitchen for his morning dose of crack cocaine. I mean waffles. (The crack is mentioned because this musical is EDGY and MODERN)

Toshiya: *breaks into song* Do I like waffles? Yeah I like waffles! Do I like pancakes? Yeah I like pancakes! Do I like french toast? Yeah I like french toast! Doo doo doo doo, can't wait to get a mouthful!

Toshiya lights his crack and proceeds to get high. I mean, he eats waffles.

Have you heard the waffle song? It's a flash movie too. . . here's a link. . .


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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
11:08 am
How it all went down...
Since you never said anything its going along with the zoolander plot...

It was a bright and sunny day outside. The sun beat down it's happy rays on the faces of the band Dir En Grey. The bright light shining through the bands eyelids awaken them. Die, Karou, and Toshiya sit up and stretch happily greeting the new day. Kyo grunts and throws a blanket over his head, Shinya complains about not getting enough beauty sleep. They break out into song:

And I'll get to this eventually, gotta go finish decorationg my myspace...
6:34 pm

Kaoru looks thrilled, doesn't he.
5:53 pm
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